Blood drops

A little late but here is my (unfortunately) one and only Halloween mani this year. After starting a new job I didn’t much time to do elaborate Halloween designs as I normally would. I really enjoyed writing about Halloween and scrolling through all the amazing nail designs on Instagram this year. The Halloween nail creativity seemed to have really stepped up its game this year! The polishes used were; OPI – natural base coat, Sally Hansen – Red Zin and Seche Vite – Fast dry top coat.

I decided to try the almond shaped nail for the first time ever, these were glue on nails from boots (buy here). I filed them down quite a lot because they were a bit too much of a change for me at first. The shape works well for this design and the colour of the false nail is a great base. As for the finished design I do like it, I think it came out much better than I thought when painting it. I don’t generally consider myself great at the whole blood trip ‘technique’ (?) It’s much more difficult to do than it looks! However, you can get sticker decals to help her the drip effect (buy here). Tip: wait longer than you normally would for polish to dry with this mani as you will use more polish and it may drag the colour when applying the top coat.

I’ve got a few more mani’s with this nail shape, loving being about to do different designs because of the new shape! Although I can’t do anything with them on! Peeling an orange – how do ladies do it with these nails permanently??


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