Harry Potter part 1

Harry Potter blog post take 2… I wrote this post a few weeks ago thinking I could just post away and I somehow didn’t safe into my drafts argh! This is why it has taken me SO long to put these on my blog. If you follow me on Instagram @nailstori, I post much more regularly!

I went to see Harry Potter the cursed child play and of course absolutely had to do nails with it to match so I’ve decided to blog my nails in part 1 and 2, as that’s how the shows are shown. First of all, the plays were insane, like so amazing it blew my mind. I am the biggest HP fan so HAD to get tickets and was lucky enough to be able to get some (11 months prior to the actual show day!)

On to the polishes and design. Base polishes used were OPI Natural base coat, Sinful Colors – Snow White, OPI – Black Oynx and the others were acrylic paints.

This design is far from perfect but I really love it because it got to practice my free hand and test my skills and paint something that I love. Although, I would not recommend using acrylic paints for designs that require striping tape. It gets messy and doesn’t have the clean cut finish that it does with regular polish. My favourite nail has to be the shirt and tie nail, I think I might redo this with all the HP house colours.

This design was inspired by many nail designs on Pinterest without watermarks on the photos, so I can’t credit them unfortunately.

Love love loved doing these nails and can’t wait to post Harry Potter part 2 nails!


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