Coat of Onyx

Today I thought I would return to my favourite type of mani – lots of tape and sleek lines. Polishes used; OPI – Natural base, Essie – Bahama mama, Sally Hansen – Coat of Arms, OPI – Black Oynx, Seche Vite – Fast dry top coat. To achieve this look I used Bahama mama as a base, followed by a top coat to make sure the tape doesn’t peel off the polish. With many attempts line up the nail tape to create the triangle shape, it may take a bit of time lining the tape up properly, this is important as it gives the mani that sleek look. Using a smaller brush apply the gold colour… on with another top coat (of course let all dry in each stage). Using the same process as the gold but with the black and create a smaller triangle into the gold. Once dry apply a final top coat.

This is a fairly easy mani to do and creates a really effective finish. However, it does take a little while to dry in the process so a decent fast drying top coat is a must. Also, a good clean up brush is worth buying to get a clean finish. I buy my clean up brushes from Wilkos, I think it is advertised as an eyebrow brush and is cheap! 

I’m going to try and do a tutorial for this mani soon, either as a picture step by step or a quick video.

Tomorrow’s post is going to be such a gooden so look out for it!




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