I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across a mani that looked slightly like the ones I recreated below – although hers were much better. I did a design like this a few years ago and it has been my favourite to date but I really didn’t like this mani. The gel didn’t give it the sharp edge I think it needs – and I also think it looks much better on shorter nails.

Although this mani was a bit of a fail (I only kept it on for 24 hours), I will talk about the Sensationail polish to gel. It is a great little invention that turns any polish into a gelable one – a game changer for gels and costs the same (if not cheaper) than ONE gel colour. It got me back into gels as my gel colour collection wasn’t massive so I always got bored of the same colours. For this mani I used Sally Hansen – Red Zin and IBD for the base and top. I would definitely recommend this pot of goodness for an easy and CHEAP way to extend your gel collection.

I’ve used this Sensationail for today’s mani too and I’m pleased to say it looks much better than this one. I’ll post it tomorrow.




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