Gel hype

Hello blog!

I have not posted in an awfully long time. My personal life has completely taken over. From my final year at University and an unexpected operation during the most stressful time at uni, which put a lot of strain on life! I put my blog to one side as I didn’t want to write average posts. I have still been enjoying doing my nails – even though they aren’t in the best condition at the moment! I’ve been working on doing gel nails on others and also trying to do gels on toes to come up with a chip free solution for longer periods of time. I love a french mani on my toes, which I never want to switch up so hate the chipping.

I am planning on doing a few blog posts in the next couple of weeks so for now I wanted to post some of the gels I have previously done on others. I have done a few gel courses, although would love to do more nail courses in general. Every time I book on to do more courses they get cancelled for lack of sign ups 😦


Polishes used here were Red Carpet Manicure – Iconic Beauty and IBD – Ivory Tower, using IBD products for the case and top coat on all other gel manicures too.


Polishes used; IBD – Pan-duh, IBD – abracadabra, Red Carpet Manicure – White Hot. Gels are great for glitter colours as you can do as many layers as needed without that horrible drying time and uncertainty if it will dry at all!


For this mani I used all IBD – Mauve Over. This colour is one of my favourites for winter and autumn and has a great shine to it.


IBD – Jade Dynasty is such an unusual green colour, great for spring and for a nail art base.


This is the gel I wear the most, I absolutely love a white manicure and the shine of gels makes it a great choice for all occasions. This one is Red Carpet Manicure – Iconic Beauty.


IBD is such a great gel choice, it doesn’t always guarantee two weeks solid wear however, I find it does not ruin my nails at all, it helps with growth and strength. I have tried other brands and always come back to IBD as a safe option. For a more detailed post about IBD and a day I spent learning about their products visit 

I’m excited to finally be back to blogging, I have missed seeing all the nail communities nail designs!

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