"Florals for spring… Groundbreaking"

This mani was inspired by one of my all time favourite nail artists @Ninanailedit.
I literally love every single one of her mani creations and have to try them out myself!

For this mani I used: OPI – Natural base coat, Sinful colors – Snow me white, Nanacoco – Love black, Acrylic paints for the flowers and Seche Vite – Fast dry top coat. Also using a dotting tool and tape to create the monochrome nails. 

To create the flowers – First, I put a few acrylic paints onto a palette to mix the colours I wanted. To create the flowers I layered on 3 different colours creating circular shapes. It’s very much a trial and error process when creating flowers! There are lots of good beginner video tutorials on Youtube. 

I love the flowers because light blue/turquoise are my fave colours – I’m going to try them again with different accent nails to see what I can create! 
Please excuse my poor cuticles at the moment – they’ve been suffering from a little neglect. 
Thanks for reading! 

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