Mani’s for short nails – take two!

Following on from my previous post about designs for shorter nails. I got quite a good response from it so thought I would continue it. 

My all time favourite designs are the simplistic ones. I am always on Instagram for inspo, came across @aliciatnails on Instagram and fell in love with this one! I love this design on my short nails whist they are growing out. Super simple and easy to do with a small nail bed. 

For me this type of design is exactly what I like for a weekly mani because it’s so quick to do on a Sunday afternoon. Plus, it goes with every outfit! 

I used; OPI start to finish, mavala – Wichita, nanacoco – love black, Seche vite top coat. I used striping tape from eBay with a small brush to create the straight lines. 

You may have noticed that I’ve been using OPI start to finish quite a lot. Well I love it. In my opinion it is everything a base coat should be. Dries so so quickly which is a must for me and gives a great smooth surface. Although, I haven’t used this as a top coat because for me I don’t think it would give enough shine. 

As for Mavala… Well their polishes are just amazing. I don’t have many but the ones I do have I love. This is a super subtle light pink and I love it for a very natural colour giving just enough coverage but can still slightly see the free edge. It is also surprisingly quick drying considering the sheer coverage it gives. 

I am obsessed with the simplicity of this design. Definitely more like this to come – they are my fave!
Let me know what you think of these designs focusing on short nails? 

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