St. Paddy’s day stamp

Happy Saint Patricks day everyone!
As an ex Irish dancer, I love St Paddy’s day because I have good memories of doing shows and exhibitions for the occasion.

I can’t be so positive about the mani I created though, it was a bit of a nail fail to be honest! The stamping wasn’t supposed to be so white, believe it or not there is green stamping underneath. I thought it was going to be darker than it is…
Oh well. I’m over it because I’m just so pleased I had some stamping success! The stamping plate I used was from MoYou, Princess set 10.
I was sent a MoYou stamping set about a year ago but it didn’t work at all, I spent so many hours trying to get better at stamping eventually giving up because I wasn’t getting anywhere with it. Well it turns out it must have been a duff set because my new (clearance, bargain*) set works amazingly! Yay! I think I’m going to catch the stamping bug. I need new plates…

* I have never seen MoYou in Boots before, but it was in the clearance section the other day. I really couldn’t resist. I asked the woman at the till how much it previously was and it was 25 reduced to 10! It included 2 stamping plates (pretty big ones too), 3 nail polishes, the stamper and scraper. I was a little skeptical buying this because of my previous experience (and being on a student budget) but I am so so glad I did otherwise I don’t think I would have tried stamping any time soon! I’m very happy with it. So, UK ladies – always check the clearance!

Polishes used for this were; OPI – Start to finish, OPI – gargantuan green grape, Nina ultra pro – leaf me alone, MoYou – Knight white and Seche Vite – fast dry top coat. I also used gold leaf from hobby craft.

Overall, I’m slightly disappointed with how this turned out but I’m kind of too excited for the stamping set to care! I might also do an Irish dance inspired mani soon.

Hope everyone finds time for a drink later! 

(This post is up a little early but I have a long day of Uni tomorrow so you can enjoy it a day earlier!)

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