Nail art for nubs

Growing your nails out after breakages because of winter? Here is an idea for nail art you can achieve with a little nail bed.  

This is my ‘cinderella’ hand – odd because I’m left handed. Anyway, they kept breaking over winter and are now horrible and uneven so I wanted to try out nail art for shorter nails. 

I used; Nanacoco – Love black, Seche Vite fast try top coat and silver striping tape from ebay. 
This Nanacoco black has amazing coverage, this was only one coat of colour – perfect when using striping tape.
I didn’t stick the tape down with any glue… mistake. If you want your mani to last longer than a day you’ll have to glue to tape down before applying the top coat. 
Another idea is adding midi rings to jazz up the mani and create the illusion of longer fingers/nails. 
In my opinion combining these makes the nails look a little longer than they do without nail polish on. I also got a lot of compliments on this mani because of it’s simplicity. 
A super chic, quick mani to spice up your weekly nails.

I’m hoping to create more short nail mani’s so hopefully you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you recreate this mani and if it worked for you.
Have a good weekend, thanks for reading! 

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