Duke Street

Today I’m blogging about a swatch from the new Nails Inc – Nail Kale collection. 
This colour is Duke Street. 
My brother and his girlfriend got this one for my birthday and he said “it’s my favourite nail colour of yours because it was chosen from the heart” hahaha. If only that was a genuine statement. 
But it is a gorgeous colour all the same! 

The nail kale collection is supposedly healthy for the nails as it is packed with super foods such as kale extract (surprisingly!) It has the intention to make nails stronger and smoother nails whilst still being able to wear a great colour with 150+ to choose from. 
The formula is packed with Vitamins A, C and K boosting keratin production. 
They are pretty pricey but the finish is amazing so I can see why. So if you are trying to grow your nails and make them stronger but still love a bold nail – this will be perfect for you! It is almost like the OPI Infinite Shine Lacquer – but Nails Inc has extra health benefits! 
I’ve heard from many nail lovers/bloggers that they aren’t too fond of the bottle as it is pretty chunky. However, I’m fully aware and am a sucker for pretty packaging! So I actually really like the bottle. It is refreshingly different from standard polish bottles. What’s your opinion? Too OTT? 
 This polish is finished off with Seche Vite fast dry top coat giving it extra shine. They honestly looked like gels, I was very impressed.
I definitely recommend nail kale to anyone looking for a shiny lasting polish. 

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