Matte in the nude

 So this week is deadline week, I needed something low key so it didn’t distract me. Yes this is true, don’t pretend great nails don’t distract you! 
For this mani I used; OPI – Nail Envy, MAC – Style tip, Sally Hansen big matte top coat and Essie – Set in stones.
This MAC nude has slightly pink undertones so I wasn’t sure of at first because I have quite a pale skin tone but the matte makes it look great! 
I’ve seen matte nude floating around Instagram and loved some of the mani’s I saw but disliked others. I had to try it for myself. At first I wasn’t convinced but then I added some glitter and they really grew on me. 
My nails are all a bit of a funny shape/length at the moment but I would say this matte nude looks a lot better on slightly longer nails. 

It’s so classy and goes with literally any outfit. If you’re going to have a stressful week at Uni, you might as well have nice nails doing so.
Ps… The cut on my little finger is because I scratched myself. Square shaped nails can be dangerous.
I’ll be doing IBD Just Gel tomorrow ready for my weekend away.

2 thoughts on “Matte in the nude

  1. Aww thank you! I really like this top coat, I haven't tried many others though so haven't got much to compare it with. But it's super fast drying and leaves a lovely finish. I'd really recommend it! xox


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