Today I’m blogging about a little swatch of OPI.
So, I got this polish for Christmas but couldn’t open the bottle because it was stuck – literally haha. I finally got it open after many attempts!
Here I used – OPI – Nail Envy, Gargantuan Green Grape, Solitaire Liquid Sand and Rituals top coat. 
I love this nail polish, I haven’t got a green like it so really enjoyed wearing this one. It wasn’t too much of a bright green so wasn’t overwhelming. 
And of course I love liquid sand because it’s just great! 
 Although a little high maintenance as it needed three coats – so if you like fast drying time this maybe isn’t the one for you! 
Top tip – once the nail polish is almost dry (but still dent prone) run your nails under cold water and it will set the polish. 
The ring is Topshop – but from Outfit so was on sale – of course.
Short but sweet, hope you enjoyed.

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