J’adore Dior

Holy lord of nail polish – I died and went to polish heaven.
I was very kindly sent these by a good family friend Leigh from across the pond – so if you read this Leigh I absolutely LOVE them, thank you so much!
They are both with two coats of colour and Rituals top coat.
The first pictures are Spring 798 – A plum/grey purple colour. 
It’s such a gorgeous polish, great for everyday wear. I love darker polishes so really liked the Winter vibe. 
The other one is Star 775 – A really deep pink (it looks a bit more red in the picture)
This one looks so great on slightly longer nails and looked so good with a black outfit!

You may know that I’m kinda obsessed with nail shine so am very obsessed with these polishes.
I can’t think of a single downer on these. The quality is amazing, so easy to apply and such beautiful colours…. AND no clean up at all was needed – what a dream. 
I’m off to go stare at my current nails a bit more.
Thank you Leigh & thank you Dior.

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