IBD always

Over the Christmas holidays I’ve had the pleasure of doing many nails and thought I would share my thoughts of recent polishes I’ve used. 
After attending the ibd blogger event in October they kindly gave me a gel starter kit and I’ve been practicing ever since. I’ve really got into using gels and learning all I can about them.

Using; ibd Peach Blossom and Paint Riot over top.

I impatiently wanted a deep red colour for the holidays so bought a cheap SensatioNail one from Boots. I was so disappointed! The colour shrank when applying and there was lots of unnecessary clean up to be done. 
This is when I realised that like all polish but particularly gels – product quality really matters! 
It became even more clear how great the quality of ibd gel is. The application is really smooth with absolutely no shrinkage. When I had heard that gels can ‘shrink’ I didn’t really understand what this was because ibd Just gel never did this. I now have a very good understanding of it! Just gel lasts as gel polish should and is such an easy process to remove.

Gel polishes are great in the winter months for nail growth as nails are weaker and the gels provide a sort of protective layer, ibd has really helped my nails through December!
Such a fab and yet affordable product – after trying other products I wouldn’t compromise the quality of ibd. 
I have already added more ibd just gel polishes to my birthday list!
Much nail love to be had. 
Twitter: IBDnailsUK
Instagram: IBDbeauty

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