Frozen teal the end

Who doesn’t love a bit of frozen for inspiration? I certainly do, so when I saw this on @xlaurenelliottx instagram I had to give it a go.
Using; Sinful colors – Snow me white and Teal the end, Essie – Pearlfection Essie – Good to go. So far so good with my first use of the good to go topcoat, though I’m not sure about longevity as a top coat because I never keep a mani for long enough! 
I don’t think this is the best blue colour to use but believe it or not, out of my double figure blue colours I couldn’t find the perfect one. 
I had to sponge each finger four times to get full coverage which created a slightly more messy result than I would have hoped for but I really think the white and blue ombré combo works and really wanted to share this design. 
Blog posts every other day this week & I have something exciting coming up early January so keep reading! 
Thanks for all the love.

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