Mani swap!

I’ve been seeing so many other bloggers mani’s that I wanted to recreate so myself and @coffeeandnailpolish decided to do a mani swap. She has so many mani’s to choose from so it was really hard to decide which one to do! 
The polishes I used were; OPI – Natural Base, Essie – Mint candy apple, Sinful colors – Snow me white, Body Collection – Gold, Rituals – Top coat, Striping tape from eBay and Gold leaf from Hobby craft (amazing value you fellow UK bloggers) 
Shannon decided to recreate my feather mani which looked so amazing she did such a good job! So make sure you check out her instagram account. 

This design was a lot more time consuming that I expected – it definitely didn’t take up my whole day off haha. However, it was well worth it because I obviously love wasting time when it is nail time and also because it’s such a pretty design.
The gold leaf flakes were soooo cheap I got a huge box of it for £6 – it will last an absolute life time. Whereas, in Sally’s it costs £5 for a tiny pot so I was very chuffed with this find. 
Anyway, the effect is the best thing I’ve ever seen, I am beyond in love with the it! I think I’ll be using it in nearly every mani from now on! 

I loved doing the mani swap with Shannon it was so much fun and really nice seeing her recreation as well as showing her mine!
And of course, had to do her classic coffee picture (I’m a starbucks girl but there is a drive thru costa on my way to uni so it’s my new regular!)
I have more mani swaps lined up to do in the coming weeks, and my first proper christmas mani coming this week – the christmas nails can never come too early!
Have a great week nail peeps!

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