Red Zin Mystery

The first Halloween design of the year… Inspired by @ninanailedit. She is so talented, I just had to recreate for the Halloween ‘vampire’ look. 
Using; OPI – Natural Base, Sally Hansen – Red Zin, L’oreal – Mystery, W7 top coat and Kiko top coat.
First things first, the top coats ruined the colours of this mani. I needed a new top coat urgently and went cheap with W7 which gave a horrible finish on these nails. I then tried to add more shine by adding Kiko and it just didn’t work. Waaaah. 
Also, obviously the red was a nightmare to get out of my cuticles, please excuse the messy clean up.

Aside from all that drama – I adore these. 
A colour combo I have never done and studs that I would never have thought to position like that so something different which turned out great. 

This Sally Hansen colour is a great Autumnal colour – I’ll be wearing it lots in the next few months.

More Halloween nails to come – I love themed nails! 

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