My not so halloween inspired come-back

After a well deserved break for my nails I am back! I have been scrubbing them with all sorts of weird home remedies to get rid of the stains. Finally, they are back to a (nearly) normal state! However, all the nails on one hand broke therefore am now on the growth remedies… but my left hand nails are still in tact – there is still hope!
This mani is not one that I spent much time on it was just something simple and fun for last weekend. I used; MoYou, Sally Hansen – Big matte top coat (on top of the white coat) then L’oreal – Pop the bubble. 
I constantly use this L’oreal colour – I just love it and keep going back to it!
Not exactly a Fall/Autumnal colour but I’ll just keep pretending it’s still summer with my light polish shade choices!  
This polish also isn’t a nightmare to get off – providing you know a few techniques to removing glitter it’s pretty easy.

The halloween posts have been on my instagram and bloglovin feed in the hundreds and a few of them I am eager to recreate this week! So, Halloween will be making an appearance on Nailstori in the coming weeks of October.

I am thinking of making a light box to take pictures whilst I am at uni because I don’t have an easy place to take them outside so find it difficult to get a nice shot. Does anyone have any experience with home-made light boxes? I’ve been debating giving it a go for ages now. 

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