Aerosol water-marble – without aerosol…

More from the Nail it challenge – this design had the simple theme of blue. So, of course I went for a blue base and an aerosol water-marble. This was my first time trying this design and it is really straight forward so, easily enjoyable to do! 
The polishes used were; Wyvnie and L’oreal – Mystery. 
I achieved this water-marble by dropping the polish into water (as you would for normal water-marble) However, instead of making a pattern in the water you use a spray to break up the polish.
It is called ‘aerosol’ but I didn’t use one I actually used a body spray. A Victoria Secret one to be overly precise! I felt that this worked better than hair spray because it wasn’t as harsh and fast when spraying into the water. It broke up the polish pretty evenly. 
Love this design because it really is really quick to do (apart from the clean up obviously) and it makes a super effective mani.

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