Red Arrows

I have been busy doing the Nail It nail art challenge and am up to day 16 so I am still going strong hence the slightly delayed posts. But check out my instagram (@nailstori) to see all of the nails that didn’t make it onto the blog. 
This was for the theme; your choice. And I decided to go simple and pretty. 
Using; L’oreal – Raven’s Dreams, Essie – Fifth Avenue and LA colors. 
Raven’s dream is one of the best nude’s I’ve used, I think it is so pretty. A lot of nude’s look odd on my skin tone but I really like this one. (Even though it looks a little yellow in the pictures)
At first I was going to use striping tape to help my lines but I decided to go free hand to get some practice in, and it didn’t go too badly. There is definitely room for improvement but isn’t there always. 
These pictures are without a top coat – because I forgot! How could i. So it actually looked super glossy and I just loved wearing it. 
I couldn’t resist adding a picture of them on my trip to the spa – they looked so good with their lighting. What a sad thing to be thinking about! 
Cannot wait to share some designs I’ve already done. And hopefully some stamping practice with my MoYou kit finally! 

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