POTW – Orly Cutique

A little gem I found in TKMaxx – RRP was around £10-£15, but I got it for £3. 
I’ve used a Sally Hansen cuticle remover and I don’t love it so wanted to try something else. 
I really really like this because it just works! 
It has to be left on for around 30 seconds and it literally removes the cuticle itself so you don’t end up unnecessarily hacking away at your skin. 
As I hope the pictures demonstrate it is also pretty good at removing stains. This isn’t the hand I normally use for pictures so it is a little more neglected. However, you can see the difference with one use – the pictures were the first time I tried the product. 
It also doesn’t leave a horrible texture on the nails, it makes them smoother than they were before which I think is weirdly hard to find in a cuticle remover.
Being quite new to orly, I don’t have many of their products and I’m really impressed. I now try and use this every 2/3 days and it is helping my nails stay stain free and keep my cuticles in good form.
Recommend this product if you can buy at discount – I would not pay the full price for it though, it seems a little excessive. 

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