The beauty that is derma-rolling

We have all had our skin insecurities and I am all for feeling confident without having to wear make up. I like using make up as an option rather than an absolute must. Having had such great success with the derma-roller I really want to share how I have finally started to become confident without layering foundation on.
 A few people contact me asking about the new way of improving skin effectively and at very low cost. Below, I have tried to explain the process to the best of my knowledge and answer any questions about my experience with the product. I am not a professional, I have just done my research and found what works for me. I am hoping that this helps others do the same.

What is derma-rolling?
Otherwise known as micro-needling – however, I think this sounds much more intimidating than it really is.  
A derma-roller is a plastic roller with hundreds of tiny titanium needles on the end of the roller. These come in various sizes depending on the personal and specific use of the roller. Only use personal sizes; these are; 0.20, 0.25, 0.30, 0.50. Specialist use is completely different and can make the skin bleed – you don’t want this!
I use a 0.50mm roller, which works mainly for; fine wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and acne scars.

How does it work?
The process of derma-rolling works by slightly puncturing the skin with the tiny needles.
In doing this, the skin recognises that something has caused trauma on the face and subsequently sends stem cells and collagen to repair itself. You are basically slightly scratching your skin pretending there is an injury so your skin works harder to repair itself.
After the skin has been cleansed the user slowly does cross hatch motions on patches of skin until the area looks red and slightly inflamed. This should be continued on specific sections you want to improve of the whole face.
Derma-rolling should not cause pain – if it is painful stop at once – it is an uncomfortable/tickley feeling to start with but should definitely not cause pain.
Youtube the process if you are unsure, as people show themselves doing their regime.

What are the results?
  • Gets rid of acne scars effectively 
  • Inexpensive when done at home
  • Reduces appearance of pores
  • Reduces appearance of fine wrinkles
  • Promotes collagen
  • Promotes natural cell repair
  • Rids appearance of stretch marks
  • Works fine on my super dry skin.

Which derma-roller to use and with which products?
The exact derma-roller I use is from Ebay and is called ZGTS – Clinicares Treatment solution. I have it in 0.5mm and it was under £10.
I then use a small amount Super Facialist by Una Brenna – intense firming serum with Hyaluronic acid. This is the key ingredient you are looking for in finding a serum. The skin starts losing Hyaluronic acid at 18 so it will help with anti ageing. It also helps with collagen, pluming the skin and aiding skin repair – skin repair is the main reason for this whole process. I actually think this has been discontinued as I can’t find it online and I got it in clearance (of course). However, you will be able to find a high potency hyaluronic acid serum anywhere! Eucerin is a great brand for this but is expensive.
Following this, I use Palmers Cocoa butter formula – Vitamin E skin therapy oil. My skin is so dry so I have to use this to moisturise. The vitamin E is what you want to be looking for. This helps aid skin repair and will fix the uneven skin tone/scars. If you suffer from oily skin naturally, I would possibly stay away from the oils and use creams.
I would recommend not wearing makeup for at least 24 hours after use.

Risks that come with the derma-roller?
  • Infection if not used correctly
  • Not using a brand wand
  • Not researching extensively before use
  • Not using the correct products afterwards
  • Permanent scarring of the skin if not used correctly/wrong size wand.
  • I wouldn’t use over spots – my spots scar like hell (I rarely get them but when I do they are evil) I think this would cause much more damage than good. Do not use on sores etc.

In the picture of my face below, you can see my faint scars – this is actually my skin having had broken out about a week before so the scars are worse than normal. 
The only downside of the roller is that you will have to go a few days a week with minimal make up. The reality is you have to look a little crap for it to get a whole lot better. There will be days when you will have to go out without make up on and feel insecure – just hide your face with some sunglasses and your hair! In a month you will notice a huge difference – promise!
I really hope this has helped anyone who has been asking about it. Please comment if you would like any information I have missed out/doesn’t make 
 sense. It is quite a hard process to explain!

2 thoughts on “The beauty that is derma-rolling

  1. Hello Tori.
    I found you on Ig a few days ago, asking exactly about this product. I just ordered mine from the UK as well and I am even more excited to get it and start using 🙂 Your post was really helpful and very very clear in my opinion! Id like to thank you for sharing this precious informations. Nothing helps you feel more confident than a person giving you her personal testimony. I am as white as you so I was a little bit afraid of having further problems but Im not confident…. 🙂 Sorry for my english, my first language is actually portuguese. But I hope you understand me 🙂 XOXO from brazil dear… bye bye 🙂


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