The most british of brands

I have stuck out the NailIt challenge to day 7 so far and here is my take on ‘pattern/fabric’. And if you hadn’t recognised it is the famous burberry print. 
I didn’t actually expect this to be a success, I had seen the design before and wondered what my take on it would look like. I enjoyed the challenge of freehand lines. 
The polishes used were; Essie – Millionnails, Loreal – Mystery, Loreal – Raven’s dream, Model’s own – French white, Essie – Fifth avenue and Kiko top coat.
I really like Loreal – Mystery, it is more of a grey than a black but with two coats it looks much darker. It is so much easier to take off than normal black colours and it hardly stains. It also has a shimmer in it that more it a lot less harsh than solid black polishes. 
I have a lot of ‘what I would do different next time’ thoughts on this design but I like the first attempt. 
Straight lines are so easy to mess up and some nail girls are just too amazing at it – practice make perfect I hope. 
Looking forward to seeing what the next 25 designs bring – how excitingly daunting! 

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