Game on

Here we go – the beginning of the Nail It magazine 30 day nail art challenge. I have always wanted to complete a nail art challenge but just never actually DID it so, here goes. 
Day 2 was ‘moons’ – I went for the classic half moon nails. They are an interesting and not too challenging design using Essie – Mint Candy Apple, a glorious polish. 
I have seen lots of nail bloggers doing half moons with negative space – so obviously had to give it a go. I must say I’m not too sure on it yet. I think it takes some getting used to because it is a different look.
I added some of my Born Pretty Store gems to jazz up the design a bit more. I also think it makes the moon line softer. 
The more I look at these nails, the more I like them however, they will be off by tomorrow! 
There is a dent in my middle finger – I must have caught it with a razor. Us girls and our random problems in day to day life! 
I look forward to what tomorrows design brings. 
Happy saturday.

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