POTW – Dramatically amazing moisturising lotion

POTW returns again. 
This time it’s Clinique’s – Dramatically different moisturizing lotion. 
I have dry/very dry combination skin – my cheeks are always extremely dry. I have tried so many moisturisers before splashing a bit of cash and going brand. I now don’t know what I would do without with amazing product. It is about £15 however, I get it from an outlet store so it comes without a pump and is much cheaper. It is worth every penny of full price though, a little goes a long way and the bottle is pretty big. 
I use this every evening and sometimes in the morning if my skin feels particularly dry. However, when I use lots at night my skin still feels great and moisturised in the morning. Unlike other products I’ve tried that make my skin feel just as dry in the morning as it did at night. 
In terms of using this product with make up – I wear it under my foundation (if I choose to wear foundation, which is rarely) I use Estee Lauder double wear foundation (amazing product) and the moisturiser works great with it, doesn’t make it look oily and doesn’t give me spots. 
I also use Smashbox CC cream when I don’t want such a heavy foundation – I mix the moisturiser with this and it makes the CC cream so much lighter, whilst still giving great coverage.
The moisturiser doesn’t give me spots, even when I apply a thick layer if my skin is horribly dry at the time. I never want to over moisturise incase it makes my skin oily – Clinique have this spot on, no oiliness at all! 
I highly recommend this product for those suffering with super dry skin – it has worked so many wonders with mine. I have already stocked up on more bottles for the future. I am keen to try out more of their products because it has worked so well.
Any products that anyone recommends? 

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