Inspired by my best friend

I decided it was time to share my beautiful furry friend with the blogging world, so I did a simple mani inspired by Daisy my gorgeous 10 year old dog. 
For this mani I used: OPI – natural base coat, ELF – Desert haze and Sally Hansen – White on. 
I’m not going to lie this took me forever because it kept going wrong! I hate it when the most simple mani is sometimes the most frustrating because we want perfection. 
I have no idea why they all kind of look different colours – I think I may have done more coats on a few – oops. 
I went for half moon nails because Daisy is a cross between a Whippet, Yorkshire Terrier and a Jack Russell – quite a mix. I liked the colours together and it is like the colouring of her fur. She is the most adorable, cuddly, happy dog and brings so much happiness to my family. I couldn’t help but share a few pictures. 

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