Massive American Haul

Some of you may know that I’ve been in America the past few weeks – the reason behind my lack of posting. However, I did not come home empty handed so this post will be showing off my new purchases.
I cannot believe how cheap everything is in the US, every year I go back and forget! You American blogging lot get it so cheap. 
These products are from; Victoria’s Secret, Sally’s, Walgreens, Target,  Tjmaxx and dollar tree. All of the polishes I got were on offer – there is no other way to buy polish in my opinion. 
I had saved a long time to get all these products and stuck to the list I made very well (surprisingly)
Leaving polishes last (from left to right) the other products I got were;
Dermalogica, Dry skin kit – absolutely amazing stuff. The only products that got rid (and kept away) my teenage spots. It is ridiculously expensive in the UK but I picked this up for around $35. 
Naked Palette 3 – been on my list for months. Only used it once but am loving the fact all the colour work together. 
Orly nails rescue – heard great things about this so couldn’t resist, can’t wait to see how it works. 
Orly spritz away – I needed a new polish dryer and it looked pretty good.
Orly nail lacquer thinner – I was fed up of putting polish remover in my polishes to make them thinner I wasn’t sure if I was making them better or worse. So it was time for some proper thinner. 
Victoria’s Secret – Passion struck, Sheer love and Amber romance. Adore these my fave is Amber Romance! 
Lastly at the front – Maybelline – colour show fashion prints, Essie – sleek stickers (love love love the print on these) and some simple dotting tools. 

Onto polishes and names! 
Sinful colours – we no longer get this in the UK we had it for a few weeks and then it vanishes. So upsetting so I got some basic colours of theirs. 
Jolly, Dream on, Teal the end, High strung and 24/7. 
Sally Hansen – Big Matte Top coat (want this for so so long!) Colour foil – Titanium flush and Leaden Lilac. I had no idea these existed until I found the clearance section in Target. They look amazing in the bottle! Xtreme wear – White on and Lacey Lilac. Finally, Lady lavender. I went a bit lilac crazy with the Sally’s polishes. 
Orly – Retro red and Live wire. 
Essie – Come here – looks a beautiful deep pink. 
OPI liquid sand – Pussy Galore (what a name) and Solitaire. I am so in love with liquid sand and both at only $8 it was an absolute dream. I cannot wait to try them but want my nails to grow a little longer first.
Finally onto the massive ELF collection I acquired. So the deal was 15 polishes for $6 I just couldn’t not. I have never tried ELF polishes so they could be really bad or really good. Left to right the names are; Gold star, Mango Madness, Wedding bells, Desert haze, Nude, Blush, Raspberry sorbet, Gina girl, Purple dream, Purple pleaser, Sea escape, Love me, Smoking hot and High tide. 
So, that’s my BIG American haul, I am so happy with all these products and cannot wait to try them out.
Some stamping on its way in the coming weeks too.
I’m happy to be back.
Have a great relaxed Sunday nail peeps. 

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