Salon nubs

Today’s post I did not do myself!
I am still in America so don’t have my polishes with me to create a design of my own (however I do now own so much more polish, post coming up) So, here are the nails I got done at a salon. 
Following a tragic bowling session causing literally all my nails to break, I decided it was time to start fresh so I actually allowed them to file my nails right down. I forgot how easy they are to manage when short! 
Because they are so short I decided to go with a light colour, I think it looks best on nubs! 
The polishes used were; Essie – Marshmallow and OPI – Happy Anniversary. 
I couldn’t get a great pictures of these but the OPI sparkle is so nice. It looks different in every light. 
I was a little annoyed that they cut my cuticles really poorly, They are now splitting and tearing but that will repair pretty quickly.
A post coming up soon about all the nail goodies I’ve bought. 
Thanks for sticking around even with a lack of posts.

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