My six tips to longer hair

So, this post is a little different today. I hope you find it interesting and don’t get annoyed that it isn’t nail related. I have quite long hair, not extremely but I often get asked how it grows fast, so I decided to share my daily hints and tips. My hair isn’t in the best condition either but I am working on it! (I am putting off a due hair cut too) These certainly are not the tips of a professional; it is just what works for me. 
1. Drink up!
My number one tip is a boring and well known one, but the most valuable. Drinking water will quickly solved poor hair, nail growth as well as poor skin. A tip to stay on track throughout the day with water is to fill your days drinking bottles the night before and store them in the fridge. If you don’t like water… tough! Learn to love it. Spice it up with adding fruit to your bottles.
2.     Don’t wash your hair everyday. 
I have never done this, in my opinion it dries hair out and in the long run will make it look lifeless. I wash my hair every 2-3 days. However, conditioner is another story. Do this lots and use lots of it. Some say too much dries it but it seems my hair can never get enough of it. Brush conditioner through after every shampoo and leave it for a good 5 minutes. If hair is very dry, you can wet the ends everyday and just condition them. Sometimes it is hard not to shampoo everyday but if you are having a lazy day just leave it be!
3.     Hair mask Monday. 
Save an evening in the week for a bath and a hair mask. There are so many masks available these days but some are pricey, And if your hair is like mine 1 sachet is never enough! There are many masks that can be made from home with each concoction helping a specific hair type. Plus they are fun to make! And why not use a face mask at the same time too.
4.     Get to know your vitamins. 
Too little or too much isn’t great so get familiar with your body/hair type and get to know which suppliments you actually need. If you take vitamins your body doesn’t need, it will not do good things! I take the perfectil original (hair, skin, nails) and it works well for me. It has balanced variety of vitamins that help my overall health. However, they can be pricey (I look out for the discounts) There are many other brands to suit each individual.
5.     Straighteners aren’t your friend in the long run. 
I always used to straighten my hair not knowing how bad it really was (and still paying the price). Using protecting spray helps very little. The only thing that will stop heat damage is not doing it everyday! During term time I only use heat once a week/on weekends. During the week I don’t use a hair dryer either – this allows my hair to rest and actually grow! There are many other hair styles achievable without using heat. If you do use heat everyday it will grow but slowly and will mean more hair cuts are needed.
6.     A trustworthy hairdresser – vital! 
Find a salon that you trust. I’ve been going to the same one for years and they know how much I hate getting my hair cut. As much as  I hate to admit it regular trims are a must. I’m still in denial about this but I know it’s true. Twice a year (usually) I’ll get the smallest amount off as possibly. The very dead ends and my hairdresser totally gets this. I get a dye once a year and cannot stress enough do not dye your hair yourself! I did it for years and it takes years to get it back healthy again.
I know this was a different read but hopefully an interesting one. I’m getting back on my weekly hair routine after neglecting it a little. Comments/feedback appreciated. 

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