It’s that time of the week again – product of the week.

Today’s product is: Nails inc express nail polish remover. 
I am so pleasantly surprised with this product, it is such simple idea and works too well to be true. 
I picked this up in boots at a clearance and got it for £2 just to give it a try –  I am so glad I did. The retail price for this product is around £10 (I think) being the bargain hunter I am I’m not sure I would pay the full price for it but I have seen them in a few clearances so keep your eyes peeled for one.

Basically all the product is, is a pink plastic pot with a big sponge in it soaked in nail polish remover. You put your finger in the hole of the sponge wiggle your finger around for about 15 seconds and all the polish will be gone. The main reason I was interested in this product was for the dreaded glitter/sparkle remover dilemma, it is such a faff. This completely solves this problem, just put your finger in the pot for longer and your glitter nightmares will be resolved. 
I have used this product about 5 times on all my fingers, it shows no sign of drying out or polish residue on the sponge which was my initial worry. If it begins to dry out I would recommend just putting some remover onto the sponge and giving the bottle a shake, no need to spend to get another every time. 

The remover seems to be good quality, it doesn’t dry out nails and cuticles. However, the smell is quite strong at first – but I guess that’s nothing us nail girls aren’t used to! 

I really love this product and didn’t think I would at all. I went and picked up another pot after my first use of this. If you are looking for a quick and super effective removal this is definitely worth a purchase. 

More nail posts this week – I have had a lack of painting due to being poorly.

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