Practice does not always guarantee perfect

Today’s post is showing that no matter how many times you have done a nail art technique – there are still off days! This particular water-marble mani just would not turn out how I wanted and I had done it over numerous times. 
For this I used: Essie – millionails, OPI – natural base, Nails inc – Optic Wave and Ciate mini – Kiss Chase and Sally Hansen – Top coat. 
Starting off with polish; I got Nails Inc optic wave in my boots haul (a few posts down) and I absolutely love the colour. It’s more of a bright blue which the picture doesn’t show. I’m so glad I got it. The Ciate was a freebie in a Marie Claire magazine and I really like it too. Really nice to apply and one coat is enough for even colour. 
Onto the actual water-marbling … 
I was going for a specific design on each nail and I wasn’t prepared for it to go so wrong! 
I used everything I usually do and it just wasn’t spreading in the water and was drying so quickly I couldn’t create my design properly. The nails inc was spreading okay but the ciate wasn’t.  
I wasn’t going to give up so I did the mani on both hands but hated it because it took me so long – it only lasted a day! 
It was a disappointing mani but I love the colour combo. 
Not every design is a success.

2 thoughts on “Practice does not always guarantee perfect

  1. The colours of these polishes are so pretty! I totally understand your frustrations with watermarble – mine neeeeeever turn out like I want them too! I think yours here look pretty good in comparison to mine though! 🙂


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