The first post of my new weekly blog series Product of the Week – POTW.  There are so many products that I love and want to share but never get the chance to, so this is where I will share my weekly favourites. First up is the Sally Hansen Vitamin E cuticle oil. I’ve been using it nearly every day since I got it, it has moisturised my nails and cuticles so quickly and promoted good growth. It will last a life time, a small drop goes a long way. If you follow my instagram you will know that I have had nail surgery on my toes and it landed me in hospital, since then my nails growth has been weak and slow. Using this oil on my nails every day has really promoted the growth and is making me happy. I may finally have nails for summer!
In the picture below, my nails do not look up to standard but this was after two uses of the oil and my cuticles were in such a good condition compared to a lack of tlc before use. I am ashamed to admit I bite the skin around my nails when I’m stressed so this fixes that and doesn’t hurt any sores. 
 I give credit to this oil, it makes cuticles look nourished within about 3 days in my experience. If you are looking for a cuticle quick fix I recommend giving this a fix. And it doesn’t break the bank which is always a bonus. 

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