Jam n’ Jelly

The first swatch from my brill boots haul. It is Essie – Jam n’ Jelly – what a b-e-a-utiful colour! It’s nothing like any other pink polishes I have (which is a fair few) 
The other products I used were OPI – natural base coat and Essie – Millionails for the base and Sally Hansen – top coat.
Essie is by far my favourite nail brand, it is so easy to apply, drys quick and the finish is so smooth. 
Basically, I have a lot of love for Essie. 

4 thoughts on “Jam n’ Jelly

  1. You 100% should, when you find an offer or discount. I think they are quite expensive for a polish each! Let me know if you do try any of their colours, I'd love to see! xox


  2. Hi, thank you so much for the nomination! I am currently reading into it and looking at lots of posts! I am enjoying reading your blog too. I will be completing my post shortly. Thanks again and look forward to seeing your future posts. Tori xox


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