Huge boots clearance haul

It’s fair to say I went a little crazy in boots today… But the deals were way too good not to. 

So, these include; 
Nails inc – Optic Wave.
Barry M – Marshmallow (confetti), Bubblebum (confetti), Sour Apple (confetti) and White 351 (sequin) 
Sally Hansen – Star Powder.
Collection Hot looks – Look at me & Parma Violet.
Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate collection – Reggae Splash.
Essie – Jam n’ Jelly (my favourite)
Finally, Nails inc express nail polish remover – I thought this looked pretty interesting and was a bargain! 

I cannot believe how cheap these were, none are damaged so I guess they are just out of season. I got all of this for £20 which is a bit of a splash but then I added up the original values…. £59! I never buy polish at full price so I like to go a little crazy sometimes, plus it’s way more fun finding the great deals. 

I’m interested in the confetti but am unsure how to make it look good in a mani, I think I’m going to have to do an internet search for some nail inspo. I don’t really like the Barry M brand but these 4 polishes just looked so pretty and I have noticed more of fellow nail bloggers using them. 

The real question is… which to swatch first? I know what my first week of summer is going to consist of! I need more hands to paint. 

I think I’m going to push the boat out and try the one stroke technique this week. However, it may go awfully and not be blog worthy. But do be sure to keep a look out. 

Have a great weekend nail peeps.

2 thoughts on “Huge boots clearance haul

  1. Wow we can't believe you got all of this for £20! The Essie polish looks interesting, we'd love to see it swatched. We did a mani recently with one of Barry M's Confetti polishes; we just used it as a topper but would love to see what you come up with so we can get some ideas! Emma & Jo.xx


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