Celebrate with Sally

 I have finished uni for summer! Yay! 
So, I decided I wanted I do a very bright summery colour. However, of course in sunny old England, it rained. Photographic evidence below. 

For this simple mani I used: OPI – natural base, Sally Hansen – Kook a mango, Sally Hansen – top coat. And the born pretty store glitter. I am also trying Sally’s Vitamin E Oil. So far so good with it – it has a lot in the bottle so worth the price.
As you may or may not know, I’m not a fan of red polish typically but this one is an orangey red and is very pretty. I don’t like the brushes on Sally’s polishes, they are way too big for my nails which ends in a lot of clean up. Nevertheless, the finish of the polishes is great. The colour also looked great against my tartan shirt. 
I am doing some work experience over the next few weeks so my mani’s will be mostly swatches and simples. Acrylic paints will be out as soon as!

Purchase your born pretty store glitter in the link below to create this look. 


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