For such a long time I have wanted to try out disney nails so… here they are!
They are definitely not perfect but were so much fun to do. For the base coat I used MAC – cream (I think this is the name, it wasn’t very clear!) For the rest I used acrylic paints. I really like using acrylic paints, they are so much easier than trying to do nail art with normal polish. I am wanting to get more skill doing more complex designs but this is a start. 
The eyes and eyebrows were the trickiest part for me. It either makes the nail look cute or evil.
Can you guess which each character is? 
I want to try and do a Frozen themed design. I have seen so many floating about the internet, I feel as if I should give it a go! 
I put a picture of the base colour below. I don’t really like nudes (unless they are very pink nudes) I guess they are just too plain for me. But nevertheless, it is a really pretty nude. 
I won’t be posting anything too interesting for the next couple days as I am off home from uni and can’t lug my polishes on the train! But…
Hopefully more acrylic designs to come in the next few weeks.

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