Sparkling up with born pretty

 Glittered up with born pretty store sparkles today.

At first I was a little overwhelmed when I opened the tub and glitter was flying anywhere but with a little tweezer help it was all under control. And who doesn’t like glitter?!
They were easy to separate and didn’t stick together which I was initially worried about. 
The colour of them is so nice! They catch the light really pretty. I think that the colour of glitter that I tried  out would show up on any colour polish, even white would look pretty. 
I only needed to use a bit of clear polish to stick them on and then a top coat, I was pleased that no glue was needed. 

I must say, I have a lot of respect for the girls that  create really elaborate designs from glitter, because it does take some patience! Totally worth it though, it looks so effective. 
I can’t wait to create new designs with the glitter. The pot comes with so much in it, so one will last you a long time. 
My application wasn’t as precise as I wanted it to be but this had nothing to do with the product, it was because I am left handed but wanted a cool set of nails of my left hand! 
The base coat for this design is Jessica – Pink Explosion. Which really says it all, it is the ultimate neon barbie pink. 
I would recommend this glitter for anyone who is up for creating a totally unique designs of their own, there are endless ways to use it!
Use the 10% off code on my home page for this super cheap and awesome product. 

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