Gradient practice

So, firstly my nail posting has been pretty shabby recently – got a lot going on!
Second, these are not the best gradients ever.
Thirdly, that’s why I’m practicing!

Couldn’t get these to look great in the pictures which is why the picture is a bit weird with flowers in the background, but hey, love a bit of flowers. 
I absolutely LOVE gradient/ombre nails. Every picture I see on Instagram of them I can’t help but like. I have done so many ombre nails and never been really chuffed with them. So I’m just going to keep trying until I get it perfect.
For these nails I used:
17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish – Parma Violet
(which I got for 50p, such a bargain!)
Sally Hansen – 640 Plum Luck
I think the sally hansen may have been a bit too dark for this gradient to work, I couldn’t find my other dark purple.
How does everyone get their gradients so perfect?! 
Acrylic or nail polish?
I’m also upset because I left my acrylic paints at home so will have to get them sent here or something – upsetting times.
Thanks for reading. More soon, promise.

2 thoughts on “Gradient practice

  1. I really want to do a gradient mani! They never seem to work when I try. The sponge never shows it up enough on my nails!
    All you manis are amazing!

    x x


  2. Heyy, it seems we have the same problems! I use a make up sponge to do my gradients. I paint a base coat of white (I find white makes the colours really show up well) then paint my two other colours on the sponge, dab a few times, let it dry then go over all my nails again to get full coverage. I hope this helps with your gradients! xox


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