Birthday gifts!

I was so spoilt this year! A post of all my gorgeous new nail related birthday gifts.

Cool nail beads from my flatmates, cuties. They are ‘Bourjois Paris’ I am intrigued to see how they turn out when I use them – haven’t tried anything like it! Has anyone tried these? What did they think?
From my wonderful mother. TKMaxx Sally Hansen beauties. The picture just doesn’t do the colours justice they are amazing. 
(From left to right)
610 Red Zin
640 Plum Luck
419 Hidden Treasure
530 Back To The Fuchsia (one of my fave nail names) 

Also TKMaxx bargains, L’Oreal polishes. Really like the L’oreal colour I have so I’m sure I will love these too. The nude looks really pretty – a girl can never have enough nudes.
(from left to right)
690 Amazon’s Flare
790 Raven’s Dream
320 Charmed, I’m Sure
335 Mystery
168 Gorgeous Gold
So thank you to my mama if she reads this. Very grateful!

This was a present to myself today. I went into lush, not to buy anything in particular. I’ve heard so many good things about this cuticle butter – I couldn’t not get it. Felt guilty until I used it. No regrets! Definitely recommend it. Smells 
This was a gift from my boyfriends parents which was very lovely of them. It smells so good too. I really like the fact it isn’t really sticky like a lot of hand creams, it soaks in well. It has earned handbag must have! 
Last but most definitely not least… Another present to myself – it was only £3 so again I don’t regret it. My other nail box is full. Excluding the boxes that I hadn’t brought to uni (too many polishes) I absolutely love this TKMaxx buy, so pretty.
As you can tell I love TKMaxx. I have my mum to thank, she has taught me how to shop well and find all the bargains.

An amazing birthday with lovely people and wonderful gifts. Thank you to everyone. And thanks if you pursued this post and read this far down!


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