Teabags have many uses

Fixing torn nails is a nightmare, so here is a fix! 
You will need – fairly sharp scissors, a nail file, a nail buffer, an empty teabag, nail glue (brush on) and a base coat. 
1.) Cut out a small square of the teabag that is only big enough to cover the breakage – you don’t want it to cover the whole nail!
2.) Put a tiny blob of glue on the nail and then put the teabag on. Coat with more glue once stuck.
3.) Press lightly on the teabag – not too much though, don’t want it to get stuck to you.
4.) Once completely dry file with the buffer making sure the bag is flush with the nail. 
5.) Then add your favourite base coat/nail strengthener, keeping adding where necessary and it will be fixed in a week or 2.
I always do this, it is a godsend. I find that is only works on small tears though.

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