Naked nails!

So, here are my naked nails. By far not perfect! 
They are the shortest they have been in months but way easier to manage. They unfortunately got REALLY brittle whilst I was poorly over christmas. 

The products I use on my nails are…
OPI Nail Envy – works miracles on quick growth.
Essie Millionnails – I wear this if I don’t want any polish on that day. 
Sephora – Original nourishing cuticle oil – makes cuticles silky smooth. 
I use these clippers to push cuticles and cut away any ugly bits. I am the clumsiest person on the planet so I struggle not to chip/bash my nails. Keeping them as strong as possible really helps! I also drink tons much water which definitely makes them healthier. 

 Ps – The slight yellow stain on my ring finger is from fake tan – I’m trying to grow it out as quick as poss! 

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